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Lay of the Land: Always be ready to seize the day, including your final one

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Fiona O’Connell

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

It is so comprehensive and sensitively written with guidance on every aspect of preparing for your own passing – whether in the near or far distant future.

A must for everyone who wants to ‘Be Prepared’ and help (in the most practical of ways) to make their passing easier on family members.

I’m working my way through the worksheets and find the prompts and suggestions so helpful – I find myself constantly saying “oh I never thought of that”!

Thank you Judith for such a much-needed and valuable publication.

Mary Mullally

Distributor , Pure Pro Massage Products

I received your book today. It is a beautiful book with so much information and insights and spirituality in it – it is stunning. I will most definitely use it as I am not great regarding thinking about and putting down on paper my wishes and planning for my funeral (although a viking funeral always appealed to me 🙂 For me this is the guide and planner I needed!!

Carole Thurston

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