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Be Prepared is more than just an End Of Life Planner… It’s an informative, life enhancing experience specifically designed to bring you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Contents include:
• Letter to loved ones.
• Important end of life conversations.
• Future healthcare wishes.
• Funeral arrangements.
• Soulful Bucket list.
• And a lot more…

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

It is so comprehensive and sensitively written with guidance on every aspect of preparing for your own passing – whether in the near or far distant future.

A must for everyone who wants to ‘Be Prepared’ and help (in the most practical of ways) to make their passing easier on family members.

I’m working my way through the worksheets and find the prompts and suggestions so helpful – I find myself constantly saying “oh I never thought of that”!

Thank you Judith for such a much-needed and valuable publication.

Mary Mullally

Distributor , Pure Pro Massage Products

Judith Ashton

A little about me.

As a body-psychotherapist, massage and meditation teacher, my interest in death and dying goes back pre 1988 when I was invited as part of the team from The Michael Sobel Hospice Oxford to the 1st Scandinavian Conference on Death & Dying to speak about touch in palliative care, since then I have taught many nurses and therapists and worked in hospices and cancer support services in UK and Ireland.

I have been privileged and deeply inspired to be with many people at the end of their lives and to listen to their stories and to get to know their families. Being with people and families during their last weeks can be challenging especially if talking to each other is difficult. This book is intended to open up conversations between families and friends in the hope that there will be more clarity and less heartbreak, more celebration and times well spent together. If nothing is shared, deep heartache often follows. This is especially true if loved ones are left to cope with all manner of things at a time when love and support are needed, not stress and decision making. I have seen first–hand how heartache could have been avoided with a little foresight and planning. That is what inspired me to write this book. Find out more about my life’s work at judithashton.com

Judith Ashton Celebrant
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