Be Prepared

End of life planner and much more.

Be Prepared Book • End of life planner

My Life

Reflect on your life and record personal and practical information for posterity.

My Wishes

Recording healthcare wishes and end of life care preferences empowers you and eases decisions loved ones may have to make for you.

My Future

Create a Soulful Bucket List, tie up loose ends and be true to the life you live with those you love.

I received your book today. It is a beautiful book with so much information and insights and spirituality in it – it is stunning. I will most definitely use it as I am not great regarding thinking about and putting down on paper my wishes and planning for my funeral (although a viking funeral always appealed to me 🙂 For me this is the guide and planner I needed!!

Carole Thurston

End of Life Planner

Where death is concerned most of us act like ostriches, heads in the sand hoping it will go away, but it doesn’t and now more acutely than ever, with COVID-19, we are aware of the vulnerability of all that we love. Life, time and love are even more precious when everything is in a state of flux.

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